VW Car-Towers: Not just a high bay warehouse

15 05 2011

The two VW car towers, located in Wolfsburg are the highlight of the VW car city. The two fully automated high – bay warehouses are able to store 800 cars and ensure the delivery of an average of 600 cars per day.

But the car towers act not just as a warehouse. They are built to give the customer a special adventure and experience when they receive their new bought cars. They are also build in a very stylish way and illuminated at night as you see below:

As you will see in the following video, also some amazing special light-shows were performed:

The towers have a high of 48 meter and its fully glazed, hot-dipped galvanized steel frame construction allows having a look into the tower from the outside.

A conveyor belt and lift system transports the cars from the close Volkswagen factory to the basement of the towers. From there, they are lifted into their position, the parking lot, and wait for the arrival of the new owners.

To have a better imagination of the inside, the parking lots and the lift system have a look on the following video:

Another video illustrates the processes within the tower from another view:

If the customers want to pick up their new car, a signal from a personal account manager brings the high-bay warehouse in motion. An electric device picks out the car and put it in the center of the tower. From there it is hovered down by a lift. Then the new car is rolling through an underground tunnel in the Customer Center. Here in the finishing area, the number plates are fitted before the customer takes his new car in reception.

Source: http://www.autostadt.de/de/autostadt-erkunden/autotuerme/




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