Triple E: The largest, most efficient ship in the world

2 05 2011

Maersk Line, one of the biggest shipping companies in the world, has ordered 10 of the world’s largest, most efficient container vessels from Korea’s DSME shipyard. The vessels will be delivered from 2013 to 2015.

The giant Triple E vessel will be 400 meters long, 59 meters wide and 73 meters tall, and therefore it will be the largest vessel in operation. The vessel will have a capacity of 18,000 TEU. Imagine if all these containers were transported by a train – the train would need to be 110 km long. And if the containers were put on top of each other they would almost reach a high of 47 km. The costs per vessel will be USD 190 million.

The name Triple E of the vessel stands for the three values economy of scale, energy efficiency and environmentally improved.

Economy of scale:

The Triple E vessel is the new benchmark for size in the shipping industry. Its 18,000 twenty-foot container capacity is 16 % greater, which is equivalent to 2,500 TEU, than the parent vessel Emma Mærsk as you see in the following figure:

To get a better imagination of the ships size watch the following video:

Energy efficiency:

A Triple-E class vessel is equipped with a waste heat recovery system. Thanks to this system it’s possible to save up to 10% of the main engine power. This is equal to the average annual electrical consumption of 5,000 European households. Furthermore the vessel is equipped with innovative ‘ultra-long stroke’ engines and an effective shape with specially optimized hull and bow forms in order to improve its energy efficiency.

Environmentally improved:

The Triple E vessel will produce 50% less CO2 emissions than the industry average on the Asia-Europe trade line per container moved. In comparison to Emma Mærsk the ship will reduce CO2 emissions by 20%.

The video below summarizes the characteristics of the Triple E vessel:

If you want to get more information follow the link




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