Cargo Cap – innovative way of transportation

1 05 2011

As mentioned in my blog Transport facilities the today’s available transport facilities are road, railway, air and water. But some companies try to research alternatives to this common ways of transportation.

One innovative fifth alternative are underground drive-tube-pipelines which are developed by the CargoCap GmbH in order to compete to the common transportation facilities as a fast, reliable, on time, environment-friendly and economically way of transportation and distribution.

Have a look on the picture below which introduces you to the system:

As you see the transports are handled by individuell driven intelligent vehicles, the Caps, through underground tube-pipelines, independent from above-ground traffic jams and weather conditions.

The Caps are designed to accommodate two Euro pallets and can thus be directed through pipes with a diameter of only 2,0 meters.

CargoCap is designed for transportation of freight in city regions in regional terminal areas up to 150 km. The Caps run 24 hours a day in an extensive underground pipeline network and drive to many stations. At the destination one or more caps lock themselves in the station for a automatic loading and unloading as you see in the following picture:

The transports are operated by computerized caps with a capacity of two Euro-pallets with the dimensions of 800 x 1,200 x 1,050 mm. The Euro-pallet is a standardized and proven carrier, therefore their use guarantees an easy implementation of CargoCap into existing supply chains. Through the loading with only two Euro-pallets per Cap a high flexibility of distribution is ensured. If more goods are required to be delivered to a destination, more caps transports the goods in a composite. Flexible, fully automatic loading and unloading make the stock turnover quickly and economically.

Also the construction of the drive-tube-pipeline network is easy, as you see in the picture above. The driving pipes were modified on the basis of low cost, proven propulsion pipes with an inner diameter of 1,600 mm. To install the pipes precise and unnoticed by the population the pipe propulsion procedure is used. This underground construction method is inexpensive, fast and environmentally friendly.

The following video illustrates the whole system of CargoCap:

The benefits of such an underground transportation system are that the Caps are independent, unaffected and uninfluenced by other modes of transport and traffic jams. Therefore a significant reduction in transport time in comparison to truck transportation in city regions results.  The CargoCap system doesn’t affect the environment in terms of noise or exhaust and minimizes the traffic on the road.




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