Vertical Carousels

30 04 2011

A vertical carousel is a storage device in which a series of carriers are moving in vertical direction. This motion is driven by an electrical motor and delivers the contents of the carriers to the user as required at an ergonomic waist high location.

Such a vertical carousel and its function you see in the picture below:


Vertical Carousels are available in various sizes in height, width and depth depending on the customer’s needs and space requirements. They are able to store a plurality of products from consumables up to large parts, thanks to the wide range of accessories which can be used in carousels, such as containers, shaped inserts, small-parts trays or cutting tool holders. Therefore carousels are implemented in lots of logistics applications in today’s industry in order to save costs, use space at an optimum level, work efficient and minimize distribution times.

Vertical carousels could also be equipped with software systems which allow the operator to control goods features like for example internal temperature. This is especially important in medical or pharmaceutical industry.

The following video of a Megamat Vertical Carousel illustrates the options, applications and benefits of the usage of a vertical carousel.

The Megamat Vertical Carousel delivers items to an ergonomically positioned pick window as you have seen via the shortest path. The video demonstrates that vertical carousels like the Megamat maximizes the use of overhead space and can recover up to 75% of the floor space required for traditional shelving systems.

Furthermore a system like the Megamat vertical carousel provides the following advantages:

  • Improving operator productivity and ergonomics by delivering all stored goods to an ergonomic work counter
  • Helps organizations meet Lean Manufacturing Goals
  • Unit heights could be easily changed
  • The carrier concept is interchangeable
  • Single or multiple items are protected and secured
  • A lockable lightweight sliding door provides physical product security
  • Bar code scanning and pick-to-light technologies could be easily integrated into this systems in order to incease throughput, productivity and accuracy levels
  • Multiple levels of software are availale
  • Transport rollers enable the vertical carousels to be easily relocated within the facility
  • Cleanroom requirements are fullfilled




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