Transport facilities

6 04 2011


The following figure classifies the today’s available transport facilities:

Source: Steven [BWL] S.102

The most common ways to transport goods are trucks, railway, ships and airplanes. For logistics the question arises, which way of transport is the most efficient one? Seriously this question can’t be answered easily, it depends on the purpose and on the general environmental conditions. But the following figure gives you a general overview of the efficiency of the mentioned most common ways of transport in terms of fuel requirements and CO2 emissions.

Source: Dr. Hochhaus and Dr. Wild, Market analysis, 05/08

As you see, for transporting one ton of goods, an airplane produces about 60 times more emissions then a ship does. Furthermore an airplane emits its emissions directly in the earth atmosphere because of its cruising altitude. Also nitrogen oxides and water vapor, which are emitted in cruising altitude, are bonding partially in damageable atmospheric layers directly to ozone.

The following figure illustrates which resources are needed to transport 5,000 equal containers by truck, railway or ship:





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